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You & Me – http://www.createblog.com

The kisses of your lips, bitter sweet,
are where the story begins.

You never know, even I,
if the storm may be end, when we sleep over the night,
and if the clouds and the rain never meet again.

We breaching out the rules, but like you said,
we are gonna be okay.
as if we know that we belong to be together.

The branches are broken,
they fall to the ground.

Hey, it is rainy season,
but why nothing is flowing into the river?

Then your arms hold me tight,
give me no more reason to turn back.

And now all i know is eternity,
in the heart, deeper than anything before,

We are three, together..

The Dew of Reflection


Every dew has heaven in it – Luapo by www.mopo.ca

Who are you? | Nobody | Why are you here? | Nothing

Do you talk to me? | Yes | But why you are silent? | I talk to you by heart, don’t you hear my voice?

What do you see? | A blur light | What is in your eyes? | Nothing, just a slight of the dew of reflection

Heaven? | I think so | Is it real? | Nobody knows

Square? | Circle | Triangle? | Prism

November 13, 2011